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Ace Prime Cigars Announces Split From Crowned Heads

Updated: Sep 19, 2022





Luciano Meirelles and Tiago Splitter announce that Ace Prime Cigars will rebrand as Luciano Cigars and launch an independent US distribution. After more than a decade and half in the industry, Luciano will now direct a fully vertically-integrated company from seed to smoke enabling a deeper pursuit of his passion for premium cigars and the people who make them.

Luciano Cigars’ primary offerings will include all previous lines, such as Luciano The Dreamer (Top 25 #12 Cigar of 2021 by Cigar Aficionado), Fiat Lux (multiple 90+ ratings), Maria Lucia, Mas Igneus (PCA’s “stand out” by Cigar Aficionado), Pichardo and other brands to be announced over the coming weeks. Having blended some of the industry’s most-awarded cigars under many brand names for the past several years, Luciano Meirelles’ decision to lead this next chapter reflects a desire to offer the customer increased value and proximity to the cigar maker, while ensuring a consistency of vision, values and execution in the end product.

"Luciano is building a company of growers, producers and artisans with a highly creative approach. The Luciano Cigars transformation is something to keep your eye on and I wish him mad success!” - Jonathan Drew

“Luciano has made a huge contribution to this industry, with his ideas, creativity and innovation for the future of cigars. I told him once to take care of our future, and now I can only await with anticipation for what's to come from Luciano Cigars" - Carlito Fuente - Fuente Cigars

“Before one can be judged on his success, one must be judged on his values and principles. Luciano is a special soul, one that has his heart in the right place and sees into the horizon. It is a certainty that with these values, principles and energy, he will pave the way for many generations to come.” Jeremiah Meerapfel, Meerapfel Cigar

A “Dream Team” is going to be announced in the next few days. From the back office to our sales force, a team formed by notables and veterans of our industry will dedicate their talents to provide the best experience to our retailers and consumers.

“I commend Luciano for taking this great step. It would be an honor and privilege to eventually connect our two tobacco families. I look forward to blending beautiful cigars together with one of my dearest friends.” - Rick Rodriguez, Former CAO blender - West Tampa Tobacco Company

“Luciano is among those in the vanguard of our industry carrying this torch to consumers, retailers, fellow brand owners, manufacturers and growers. We need more like him, and I’m excited to see how he and the broader industry benefit from his move into this next level with Luciano Cigars.” Skip Martin, RoMa Craft Tobac

In 2020, Ace Prime had entered into a strategic alliance with the distributor Crowned Heads in order to leverage available synergies between the two companies. After a surge in popularity of Luciano-blended products, an independently-distributed Luciano Cigar brand represented a logical next step in the company’s evolution. The company’s factory entity: D’Hatuey Tabacos S.A. (known as Tabacalera Pichardo), will be also rebranded as Luciano Cigar Factory. Additionally, the holding company of Luciano Cigars will continue to hold all trademarks and importation rights to all existing products.

"What’s in a name? When I was developing the Maria Lucia Cigar – a cigar dedicated to the memory of my mother, I was drawn to the idea of legacy. My heart is not for glory but I’m passionate to share the pleasure and beauty I experience when smoking a perfect cigar. Our goal is to build a brand that outlives us – something that’s meaningful and impactful for generations to come.”

Luciano Meirelles, Co-Founder &. President – Luciano Cigars

Previous orders for Luciano Cigar lines will continue to be filled through October 2022 by Crowned Heads, with distribution moving to Luciano Cigars directly on November 1. The company will make two additional announcements ahead of the launch, as final preparations are organized. Questions about the transition are to be directed to

"Luciano Cigars is truly a farm-to-your-lips cigar brand. We believe in this company, in the values and traditions we wish to hold on to while making some of the best cigars in the world. It's an honor to be able to touch every part of the process, and with Luciano as the frontman, I couldn't be more ecstatic.” - Tiago Splitter - NBA Champion | Brooklin Nets Asst. Coach |Co-Founder – Luciano Cigars



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