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ATL’s Wise Blood will be featured at PCA, plus line extensions and price increases announced

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Atlanta, GA -

After a “soft launch” of ATL’s Wise Blood cigar at this year’s TPE, we will officially present ATL’s Wise Blood cigar at the 2023 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade show. Blended by Luciano Meirelles, Wise Blood is the fifth addition to ATL's portfolio. This cigar draws inspiration from Flannery O'Connor's iconic novel, inviting smokers into a realm of reflection and appreciation for the harmony found within a balanced blend. Wise Blood features an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado HVA wrapper, an Ecuadorian Connecticut binder, and carefully selected fillers sourced from three regions in Nicaragua, crafted to be a mild-to-medium-bodied cigar.

The ATL’s expansion of the Good Trouble, the ATL Black, and the ATL Magic will be officially launched at the PCA 2023. The Good Trouble, named in honor of Atlanta's beloved adopted son, the late John Lewis, has garnered a loyal following since its launch. In addition to the existing Robusto (5 x 50) and Gran Toro (6 1/2 x 56) sizes, the Good Trouble now includes a Corona (5 1/4 x 44) vitola. The Blend has also been upgraded. It now adorns a Habano 2000 wrapper over an Ecuadorian Connecticut sun-grown binder and fillers from Esteli, Jalapa Valley, and Pueblo Nuevo..

The ATL Black, initially released in a Torpedo (6 X 52) and a Gran Toro (6 1/2 x 56) is now offered in an Elegànce vitola (6 3/4 x 50).. The Elegànce showcases the same captivating blend, featuring a San Andres wrapper, a Massatepe binder, and fillers from Estelí,, Jalapa, and Pueblo Nuevo, offering smokers an extended smoking session without compromising taste.

Furthermore, the ATL Magic line (Belicoso 5 x 52; Sublime 6 x 54), acclaimed for its unique flavor and aroma, is expanding its same blend with a Double Robusto (6 1/2 x 50) vitola. The introduction of the Double Robusto vitola allows a deeper exploration of the ATL Magic's complexity and allure.

"We are thrilled to expand our portfolio with these exciting additions. The Good Trouble Corona continues to pay tribute to the extraordinary legacy of John Lewis, while the Elegànce and Double Robusto vitolas enhance the smoking experience for our customers. These new sizes offer our friends opportunities to explore the depth and character of our cigars, and our city, in fresh new ways. They also highlight our partnership with Luciano; with cigars that are deep and multifaceted, like any other within the Luciano Cigars family of brands. - Leroy Lamar, Co-founder of ATL Cigar Co and partner of Luciano Cigars.

The three cigars with expanded sizes will now be offered with the following MSRP:

Magic Black Good Trouble

Belicoso 5 x 52-$11.00 Torpedo 6 x 52-$11.90 Gran Toro 6 ½ x 56 -$13.00

Sublime 6 x 54-$11.50 Gran Toro 6 ½ x 56 -$12.10 Robusto 5 x 50-$10.30

Double Robusto 6 ½ x 50-$12.50 Elegànce 6 ¾ x 50-$13.10 Corona ¼ x 44-$9.50

"The ATL brands continues to flourish, driven by our shared commitment to community and purpose. The Wise Blood, in particular, is a testament to the affinity between our team, offering cigar lovers an opportunity to explore profound questions while indulging in the nuanced pleasure of a fine cigar."

- Luciano Meirelles, Co-Founder and CEO of Luciano Cigars

ATL will continue to reflect the vibrancy and spirit of Atlanta's renowned cigar culture. We are committed to bringing people together around a shared premium cigar experience.. ATL is a diverse company with a shared passion for quality, a reflection of the city and cigar community we love. Now proudly manufactured by and distributed as part of the Luciano Cigars Family of Brands.

Visit Luciano Cigars booth at PCA #17035 to experience ATL’s Wise Blood, the new Good Trouble Corona, ATL Black Elegànce, and ATL Magic Double Robusto .


Social Media: @atlcigarco @lucianocigars

Contact Information:

Contact: Janelle Lamar, Head of Marketing of Luciano Cigars

Phone Number: 404-994-9987

**Due to recent increased costs the ATL Magic will have a slight price increase of 6%. The ATL Good Trouble, having an upgraded blend, will have price increases of 10%. All other prices remain the same.



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