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Crowned Heads and Ace Prime Cigars Sponsor Opening Night of PCA 2022

As opening night of the Premium Cigar Association was winding down, all attendees were welcomed into Hall C of the Sands Expo Center for an opportunity to try the new offerings from Crowned Heads, Ace Prime and Ozgener Family Cigars.

As everyone was let in, we were able to line up and pick up one of the cigars being offered that night. My first selection was the new release from Tim Ozgener (formerly of CAO Cigars). I was handed the Bosphorus in the B-50 size, which is a 4x50 and pictured below.

The cigar was good and as I initially lit it, I was expecting the spice that is commonplace with many of the CAO blends, but to my surprise it wasn't there. About half way through the cigar the spicy did come into play, but not in an off-putting way at all.

My next cigar for the event was the line extension for the Le Patissier. I was able to get me hands on the Le Patissier #60. This cigar from first light has the identical notes as the first release 6 1/2 x 44. It burned great was nice and smooth and was very enjoyable.

This event was a great way to kick off the event and see hundreds others from within the industry.

Stay connected to what's going on here at PCA this year, by following along on our Social Media @tobaccotalkmedia on IG and Facebook, and @tabaccotalknews on Twitter.



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