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Crowned Heads announced that it will unveil what could arguably be the 'crowned jewel' of their premium cigar portfolio to-date. La Vereda will make its global debut at the PCA Convention and International Trade Show, to be held in Las Vegas July 7-11.

La Vereda is a regular production brand consisting of four vitolas, and is a project that has been in development with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo and Tabacalera La Alianza since March 2022. La Vereda features a rare Nicaraguan (Jalapa) shade-grown wrapper that's been aged a minimum of four years. In addition to a Nicaraguan (Jalapa) binder, La Vereda possesses a combination of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic that have all been aged a minimum of three years.

A total of seven pairs were chosen at Tabacalera La Alianza to produce La Vereda, with a daily production goal that was cut back to 60% of the normal daily production in order to ensure the pinnacle of quality control and that only the best cigars are created.

"La Vereda is clearly a case of the tobaccos and required aging periods dictating the production timeline," explained Crowned Heads co-founder, Jon Huber. "Ernesto and I had a vision of what we wanted the final blend expression to be, and ultimately, it came down to not only the tobaccos selected, but also having the patience to get the tobaccos where they needed to be even before the cigars were rolled. A lot of brand owners think of themselves as being the conductor of an orchestra, when in reality, the tobaccos are conducting and everyone else in the process is simply a player in the orchestra." Added Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, "La Vereda is a blend I'm truly proud of and would have loved to have had as a brand in our EPC Cigar portfolio, but I'm happy that Crowned Heads has it as they are part of our extended family."

La Vereda will be packaged in 20-count boxes, and will be produced in four sizes:

No. 50 (5 3/8" x 50)

No. 52 (6 1/2" x 52)

No. 54 (5 5/8" x 54)

No. 56 (6 1/4" x 56)

The line will have a suggested price of $18.40 (No. 50), $19.60 (No. 52), $20.60 (No. 54), and $21.80 (No. 56) per cigar. La Vereda will begin shipping late August.



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