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Ferio Tego expands with distribution to Asia

(Ramsey, NJ August 29, 2023) Ferio Tego is now available in Asia. Davidoff of Geneva Asia has begun distributing Ferio Tego’s portfolio of handmade premium cigars to Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau beginning earlier this month.

“Asia is a very important market for the handmade premium cigar industry, and we are excited to expand our distribution to this region,” said Michael Herklots, co-owner of Ferio Tego. “Our blends offer very unique experiences, and we look forward to sharing our work with this community of discerning cigar enthusiasts.”

The Ferio Tego Timeless Collection will be the first Ferio Tego blends released in Asia. The Timeless Collection is made up of four blends: Panamericana, Sterling, Prestige and Supreme. Panamericana and Supreme are manufactured in Nicaragua with the Plasencia family and Sterling and Prestige are manufactured in Dominican Republic with the Quesada family.

“We have admired the work that Ferio Tego has been doing to build the brand and look forward to working with Michael and Brendon in introducing the highly rated and unique Timeless Collection to our Asian consumers starting first via our Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 stores and our online platform,” shared Laurent de Rougemont, Managing Director of Davidoff of Geneva Asia Ltd.

This marks the first international expansion for Ferio Tego, outside of the United States.

About Ferio Tego:

Ferio Tego, LLC is a premium cigar and accessories company launched in 2021 by Michael Herklots and Brendon Scott. In addition to their flagship Ferio Tego® brand, the company also owns the TimelessTM Collection, Metropolitan® Selection, and Epoca® brands of premium cigars as well as the Ancora® accessories brand. Ferio Tego’s cigars are manufactured by hand in the

Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

FERIO TEGO is the Herklots family motto, found on the family’s coat of arms. While there are many interpretations and translations for this phrase, "Ferio Tego" loosely translates to "Strike

and Defend."



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