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Founders Cigar Co to Release New Candela at PCA


Founders Cigar Co. Scheduled to Release New Cigar at PCA 2022: Hamilton Candela

North Oaks, Minnesota (June 21, 2022) Founders has always made decisions as a company based on our primary goal of encouraging and building community. Our first four blends were selected to be medium-bodied and approachable to welcome even the newest of people into the cigar community. One of the ways we have navigated through our blends is by talking to the factory about what the workers are excited about and what they are drawn to. This introduced us to the cigar that would become our Hamilton Candela. Anything that makes its way into the consistent rotation of those handling cigars every day is something we want to pay attention to. After looking into the history of Candela cigars and seeing that they used to be one of the most popular blends in America, we knew we wanted to add it to our lineup. Alexander Hamilton has been one of our most requested historical figures to name a cigar after. The interesting thing about Hamilton is that he was the chief architect of the American financial and banking system. Naming our green cigar after the man greatly influential for our “greenback” system seemed only fitting! We loved the smooth and approachable experience of this cigar. Getting floral and fruit notes to start and working its way into some peppermint in the second two-thirds made this a well-received blend to our initial testers.

Name of the product: Hamilton Candela

Available Sizes: Toro 6x52 and Robusto 5X50

Available in 20 count boxes and 25 count bundles

MSRP: Toro $10/$200(box)/$250(bundle) Robusto $9/$180(box)/$225(bundle)

Shipping date starting July 25th for regular production. Rolled by MJ Frias in Tamboril, Dominican Republic.

Blend information:

Filler: Honduran Seco Piloto Cubano, Nica Jalapa Viso corojo, DR Seco Negrito

Binder: Ecuadorian Habano 2000

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Candela

Founders Cigar Company is a veteran owned cigar brand located in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. Founders retails their cigars online and through other retail partnerships. At a time when the rest of the world was shut down, cigars served as a surprising catalyst for connection. Founders was created to empower others towards the same, drawing on the rich history of the American experience to deliver timeless smokes with distinctive profiles that fuel conversation, inspire friendship, and build community.



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