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Luciano Cigars Issues Statement

ON BEHALF OF LUCIANO CIGARS: After once again seeing misleading statements published in the cigar media, we wanted to take the time to make a clarifying statement in regards to our brand (Luciano Cigars) and our factory Dhatuey Tabacos S.A. (formerly DBA Tabacalera Pichardo, now LUCIANO CIGARS FACTORY). While Dhatuey/Tabacalera formerly bore the name Pichardo in the past, the majority of its ownership actually belongs to Luciano Meirelles and Tiago Splitter. This includes the entity as a whole – from its employers, premium tobacco, our blender Luciano Meirelles, and our reputation as cigar makers. In fact, all products from Dhatuey made to Crowned Heads were blended by Luciano Meirelles, with no exception. The Brand “Pichardo” also belongs entirely to Ace Prime LLC, which is owned solely by Luciano Meirelles and Tiago Splitter. Luciano Cigars will soon be holding an exclusive Press Conference in order to address all ongoing questions and issues as our company moves forward with the rebranding and the launch of an independent US distribution.

Thank you for your understanding. Any inquiries can be directed here, by responding to this email (


The Luciano Cigars Team



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