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  • Writer's pictureTim Long, Tobacco Talk Media Launches with, "Impressive Traffic"

Steve Newman, a cigar enthusiast for multiple decades launches to compile information on cigars, media entities and more all in one place.

In 2022, Steve Newman hit social media hard by joining and creating multiple different groups on Facebook with a goal of learning what he could while networking with cigar media, content creators, cigar reviewers and enthusiasts. is aesthetically very similar to, but has a few things that make this web site unique to itself. First off, Newman decided to create a membership-based platform enabling members to access and contribute to the articles they read and submit new articles as well. Secondly, the website already has a directory of over 500 cigars and launched with over 1,600 pages built-out.

When looking at the website myself, I discovered quite a few areas that are still being developed, however, there is potential with this site to become a directory of sorts for cigar enthusiasts. Only time will tell. is a subsidiary of and according to wiki's website, "We are very excited to share this online resource with the cigar community as part of the larger mission. This Wikipedia Style resource has the potential to become the definitive resource to minimize disinformation and maximize factual knowledge about cigars and the cigar community."

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