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Micallef Cigars and All Saints Announce New Phase of Independent Sales But “Fave Five” program to continue through 2024.

Micallef and All Saints Cigars have operated as a unified sales team. This collaboration has brought us many successes, including better market reach and enriched customer relationships.

As both brands continue to grow and adapt, we have decided to conclude this arrangement by the end of June to allow each company to focus more intently on its distinct strategy and customer engagement.



Exciting News about FAVE FIVE

We are pleased to confirm that Micallef Cigars will continue to honor our co-branded Fave Five cards. You can mix and match any bands from both Micallef Cigars and All Saints Cigars in your submissions through the end of 2024. Plus, don't forget: we’re giving away $300 in gift certificates every week to lucky participants. Keep enjoying your favorites, and thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!




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