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Sangre Nueva Full Review

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Cigar Show Tim has just released his full review on the newest blend from Casa Cuevas Cigars. The Sangre Nueva, translated, "New Blood", is a representation of Alec Cuevas' first opportunity to fully blend and lead the project on a new blend. Alec worked very closely with his Grandfather Luis Cuevas Sr. to create a blend that is very different from anything Cuevas has produced to date.

While at PCA, Tim interviewed Alec Cuevas the blender and creator of this cigar, who stated that, "The goal of this project was to pay homage to my Grandfather for his trust in me and passing down his decades of knowledge. Next, this project is a sign of appreciation to my Father, who has mentored and taught me so much about this industry."

After having tried the new Sangre Nueva, the impression that this leaves with Tim is that this cigar takes Casa Cuevas into a whole new flavor universe, yet again in the same way La Mandarria did back when it released.

If you would like to see the full review on the new Sangre Nueva, click here.


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