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Unveiling the Essence of Mastery: "Underrated" Cigars and the Legend Ron Harper at PCA Trade Show 2024

In an era where the expected often garners attention, there exists a realm where the underrated thrives, revealing its profound depth when least expected. A month ago, the cigar industry witnessed the birth of "Underrated," a brand that quietly made its way into the hands of aficionados, leaving a lasting impression.. Today, we pull back the curtain to reveal the inspiration behind "Underrated" - none other than five-time NBA champion, Ron Harper.

Ron Harper embodies the spirit of resilience and unheralded excellence, and in his second chapter - off the court, Harper has emerged as a cigar aficionado and businessman, passionate about providing opportunities to those who are often overlooked. Harper, a legend whose career epitomized the essence of defying expectations and delighting in the underrated, has been working behind the scenes of this genre-disrupting brand to ensure the cigar stands out for its own unique experience over the allure of a celebrity endorsement. Now that the cigar is getting the recognition it deserves, it’s time to reveal Ron Harper’s role.


Harper's journey from an overlooked talent to an indispensable cornerstone of championship teams mirrors the journey of the "Underrated" cigar. - He has been involved in every step, to ensure the cigar itself and the brand experience defy expectations and champions quality.


"In every stage of my career, I've seen firsthand how the unexpected can harbor greatness," Harper shares. "This partnership on the construction of Underrated is a homage to those moments and to everyone who revels in the joy of discovering the exceptional in the unanticipated. When you defy expectations, you have a chance to delight in the underrated!"

The unveiling of Harper’s role in  "Underrated" cigars is not merely an announcement but a strategic revelation that underscores the brand's ethos. In a bold move, the launch of the cigars was intentionally kept under wraps, a nod to the aficionado's pursuit of quality, unswayed by the glitz of celebrity. This decision reflects a confidence in the cigar's inherent merit, inviting enthusiasts to savor the blend's excellence, uninfluenced by external endorsements.


"Underrated" cigars and Harper's collaboration is a testament to the beauty of discovery and the true value that lies in the unexpected. Just as Harper's contributions on the court often transcended the spotlight, "Underrated" cigars promise a smoking experience that exceeds the bounds of preconceptions, inviting connoisseurs to explore depth, complexity, and satisfaction beyond the conventional.


This year, we are thrilled to announce that Ron Harper himself will grace the PCA Trade Show 2024, joining us at the Luciano Cigars Booth. This presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and industry insiders to meet the legend, learn about the inspiration behind "Underrated" cigars, and experience the brand's exceptional offerings firsthand.


"As we celebrate this partnership and the remarkable synergy between Ron Harper and Luciano Cigars, we invite you to rediscover the pleasure of the underrated, to embrace the moments of surprise that enrich our lives. "Underrated" cigars are not just a choice but a journey to the essence of enjoyment, where true value is not heralded by acclaim but by the quality of experience." Luciano Meirelles Founder and President - Luciano USA

Let the story of Ron Harper and "Underrated" inspire you to seek out the uncharted, to appreciate the richness of the understated, and to find delight in the depths of the underrated.



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