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ADVentura Cigars announces The Chancellor, first new release from new factory, and its first Elite Broker collaboration

Tamboril, (Dominican Republic, March 18, 2024)— .

Today, we welcome the latest addition to The Royal Return line – The Chancellor! A 52 x 6 packaged in boxes of ten and wrapped in a delectable Corojo wrapper, the Chancellor is an exciting extension of The Royal Return story that we can’t wait to share with you all.

"The back story of this line is one that we’re incredibly proud of, and revolves around our right-hand man: Adrian Acosta. Many of you have likely met Adrian at your local cigar lounge, hosting an awesome event,  sharing a laugh, and spreading the cigar culture throughout the land. The Chancellor is Adrian’s cigar, one that was created as part of our Elite Broker Program.” explains Marcel Knobel, co-founder of ADVentura Cigars.

What’s an Elite Broker Program? We’re glad you asked! Here at ADVentura we believe in making cigars with the best quality tobaccos, supporting our retail partners with a balance of exclusive cigars and Limited Edition releases, and crafting distinguishable stories and consistent blends for our fans with our Core Line releases. To support that mission, we have our Elite Account program for our top retail partners, allowing them early access to new releases and the chance to make their own exclusive cigars. Similarly, we offer that opportunity to our sales team – our best salesmen have the opportunity to create their own cigar line with Marcel and Henderson.

And Adrian did just that. “Adrian is not just any  broker, he is a true believer in ADVentura and literally our right hand. He believe in us, even when we not believe in ourselves.” says Henderson Ventura, co-founder of ADVentura Cigars.

It doesn’t hurt that he comes from quite the tobacco lineage himself! Adrian’s father specializes in tobacco seed germination and has held some very special tobaccos for projects such as these.

“First and foremost ,I feel very happy for the outcome of this blend but more importantly to be part of ADV team In USA In the past 6 years. I also want to highlight, with this cigar we want to create harmony and a beautiful expression of what a great cigar is all about. We want to honor and salute our loyal ADV Clients for supporting us after the fire on Sept 2022. The Chancellor, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cigar promises aficionados an unparalleled smoking experience, with a blend that balances complexity and smoothness. Every puff of the Chancellor delivers an unforgettable journey for the senses.” says Adrian Acosta, ADV’s top broker, and The Chancellor himself.

Originally, the Chancellor was supposed to debut in 2022 but got put on hold after the cigars, boxes, and bands burned  in the fire of September 2022. But, never doubt our ability to rise from the ashes! This year, at the PCA 2024 show we’ll be bringing the project back to life and showing that The Royal Return is not finished.


The following link takes you to a video explanation of The Chancellor.




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