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Natura Cigars launches “Altura - First Harvest”

Natura Cigars will proudly introduce Altura - First Harvest this coming Sunday March 24th at 4PM in Las Vegas, Nevada in the frame of the PCA Trade Show 2024. We invite you to come to share our joy, and place an order to get one of the very limited 7,000 cigars.


This is a cigar born from the first growing cycle in a highland field, not traditionally an area for growing tobacco, as it’s a cold and rainy high mountain.


First Harvest is a pure cigar where its wrapper, binder and filler were harvested in the same Altura Farm. Tobacco leaves were dried and fermented in low temperatures taking almost triple its time. These conditions allow its essential oils and other properties to remain in the tobacco leaves.


This cigar with a different taste, intense aroma, distinctive and unique flavor comes packaged in a 5-count box with one size presentation –  Toro 6 x 50 Vitola. It is expected to ship to retailers in the beginning of May 2024.


Contact information:

For further information please reach out Natura Cigars at



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