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Artesano Del Tobacco To Unveil The New Viva La Vida 5TH Anniversary at PCA

MORRISTOWN, PA, MARCH 20TH 2024– We are excited to unveil 2 new sizes at the PCA 2024 in Las Vegas , Artesano Del Tobacco is Proud to launch the new VIVA LA VIDA 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Booth #13033 at the PCA 2024.

VIVA LA VIDA 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY will come in 2 sizes , The Jester Flat Round Belicoso 5.5 X 56 , and The Club500 Sabroso 5.25 X 58 Box-pressed. VIVA LA VIDA 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY is the same blend as the original VLV except the Wrapper ,its a Habano Connecticut Maduro grown in Connecticut USA, they come in 10 Count boxes, These cigars will start shipping to cigar shops nationwide after the PCA. Come celebrate with us the launch of the VIVA LA VIDA 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Booth #13033 . PCA 2024

“ It has been 5 years since we launched The Viva La Vida Cigars and to celebrate it, we asked Abdel Fernandez to help us create a unique blend that celebrates the success of Viva La Vida line, and to do so, Abdel was able to find a beautiful aged dark , oily Habano Connecticut Maduro wrapper that was grown here in the USA, and for that we chose our most famous selling 2 sizes of the Viva La Vida line The Jester Rated 94 by Cigar Aficionado and The Club500. By designing and hand drown the new shapes such as the flat round JESTER Belicoso and the CLUB500 Sabroso, by doing so, we were able to enlighten the flavors of the new Wrapper. Both cigars comes in a 10 count cigar boxes.


JESTER FLAT ROUND BELICOSOWrapper: Habano Connecticut Maduro Binder: NicaraguanFiller: NicaraguanSize: 5.5” X 56 ”Made by AJ Fernandez Nicaragua.

Price: $ 19.00Box: 10 Count


VIVA LA VIDA 5th Anniversary Jester & Club500 are regular production. Artesano Del Tobacco Is a boutique cigar company that mixes art , passion and flavor to enhance the cigar smoking experience. We started our business 30 years ago with a small shop called New York Cigar Inn, in Manhattan,NYC. In 2015 we sold our business to Casa De Montecristo and our journey in making cigars started when we visited Nicaragua, Esteli. We Teamed with AJ Fernandez to blend and make our cigars.

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